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    Phoenix Point: Year One Edition Promo Codes (All In-Game Promo Items Available So Far)

    Phoenix Point likes to keep things fresh. In addition to new updates and patches, the developers offer promotional codes to unlock special equipment for soldiers in the game.


    If you’ve spent hundreds of hours in XCOM and you’re looking for even more of that tactical turn-based strategy fix, look no further than Phoenix Point. The product of the original XCOM creator Julian Gallop and his team at Snapshot Games, Phoenix Point delivers what any series veteran has come to expect. The game’s section is set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world ravaged by creatures inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror Cthulhu mythos.

    To top things off, the whole game is paced differently than Firaxis’ XCOM games, playing more like campaigns in XCOM 2’s Long War mod. It’s designed to give players the feel of running a post-apocalyptic survival force to cooperate and unite with the wasteland’s many factions and rebuild humanity against the onslaught of nightmarish creatures from the dark beyond, wherever that may be. Phoenix Point’s lengthy campaign challenges players’ ability to make long-term plans, multitask, and come up with on-the-fly tactical decision-making that any genre veteran is sure to appreciate.

    Originally released in 2019, the game has seen a healthy dose of updates. Since release, Phoenix Point has had tons of new content in the form of balancing and feature updates, expansive DLCs, and a new “Year One” version on Steam. Phoenix Point is now available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a next-gen upgrade in the works for the PlayStation 5 by the end of 2021.

    As part of the free updates to the game, the team at Snapshot Games have set up a neat redemption system that lets you input codes released on the game’s newsletter for custom equipment. To redeem the codes, click on what looks like a key icon on the main menu at the bottom left side of the screen and you’ll have the option to type them in.

    Phoenix Point code redemption screen
    Code redemption screen


    The codes available so far include:






    Once you’ve typed them in, you’ll need to start a new game and make sure to tick the box in the “Use Promotional Skins” option. Be warned: doing so will add whatever promotional armor and weapons you have into your base’s inventory. Although the equipment has the same stats as your basic armor, they can provide you with a small boost at the start of the game if you choose to salvage it for materials.

    Phoenix Point new game options
    New game options

    If a soldier with the promo armor dies, you’ll lose the armor for that playthrough – there’s no way to manufacture them manually. Your dead soldiers’ weapons can be recovered on missions like any other weapon.

    Perfectly balanced, just the way the developers intended.

    Here’s what they look like:

    Phoenix Point Armor DLC
    Phoenix Point Armor DLC
    Ian Miles Cheong
    Editor-in-Chief at GameTalon.

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