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    Mass Effect 5 Teased: Taking a Closer Look at the Next Entry in BioWare’s Space Opera

    Mass Effect is not dead. In fact, BioWare quietly revealed the existing of Mass Effect 5 at its recent, and otherwise uninteresting N7 Day annual celebration for fans of the franchise once dubbed a “Star Wars killer.” 

    A detailed teaser image published on Twitter on Sunday night, and later on EA Games’ official page for Mass Effect, shows the surface of a planet viewed from above that has many fans of the series abuzz. 

    At surface level (no pun intended), the picture shows a top-down shot of an impact crater with a high-tech spaceship parked just below it. Four figures, presumably from the vessel, move out to investigate the impact site and what appears to be a corpse lying on its side.

    Many keen-eyed fans noted on the game’s community forums speculate that the corpse-like thing could be a geth. 

    Zooming in on the four figures, one can identify a krogan — one of Mass Effect’s larger species of sentient beings. The krogan appears to be armored in red, suggesting that it might be one of the trilogy’s main characters, Wrex. 

    It’s impossible to make out what the other characters look like. 

    It’s hard to tell what the object in the crater itself is. It’s clearly metallic, and the impact striations on the south of the crater would indicate that the object was flung at a high velocity from outer space onto the planet rather than being the result of an explosion from within the planet itself.

    As for the human ship, it looks reminiscent of the Normandy, clearly of human design but not one we’ve seen before in the series. It’s got the letters “SFX” written on it. The Normandy was SR81.

    According to Shinobo602 on Twitter, the abbreviation seen on the ship could be a nod to the  project codename for the original Mass Effect in 2003, which was dubbed “SFX.” 

    Previous art teases have shown a much smaller vessel that BioWare dubbed the “Mudskipper,” seen below. 

    Are the geth making a return to Mass Effect? If so, in what capacity? Will there be a new “ancient evil” of some sort to replace the Reapers who were soundly defeated at the end of Mass Effect 3? How does Andromeda play into the equation? These are all questions fans are asking. 

    Presumably, the game will take place after the events of Mass Effect 3 after the Reaper War, with only a handful of the original cast still remaining alive. 

    However, all these questions will remain unanswered for a while yet as BioWare is currently developing Dragon Age 4, which is only slated for release in 2022, if not later.

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