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    Halo: Infinite Opening Cinematic Leaked Ahead of Release

    Two weeks ahead of release, the Halo: Infinite opening scene has leaked online, showcasing the first moment’s players of the long-awaited game will experience come launch day on Dec. 8. 

    Halo: Infinite is currently playable as a multiplayer-only title, offering its array of online modes for free. The only thing players have to pay for is the battle pass, which is completely optional, and only unlocks new cosmetics for players to deck out their Spartan with. 

    The trailer first leaked on the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit, with a German-language version of the upcoming games opening scene available for all to see. 

    You can watch the cinematic link through the embedded video below but be warned it is very much a spoiler in case you want to wait until launch day to experience it in all of its 4K ultra high definition glory. 

    I’m personally not going to watch it until the game is out, because I would like to have the best Halo: Infinite experience possible, and a highly compressed Reddit video just doesn’t cut it. 

    Those who took the plunge and watched the scene describe it as being “pretty incredible.” The cinematic runs for almost two minutes in length, far longer than many cutscenes in video games. 

    In it, we see the game’s protagonist, Master Chief, fend off hordes of jackals before finally coming face to face with a boss. 

    GameTalon’s publisher says that the cinematic looked “really impressive,” but she felt slightly disappointed not seeing the Master Chief show off his skills as much as she wished. 

    For the rest of us though, it’s only two short weeks before the game goes live, and there is still the multiplayer portion to experience until then. The multiplayer beta lets players participate in all the game’s main modes, including massive Big Team Battles. 

    Ian Miles Cheong
    Editor-in-Chief at GameTalon.

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