Ethics Policy

Statement of Autonomy

GameTalon maintains strict editorial independence from advertisers, publishers, developers, and independent creators. This ensures that all content decisions – including those that define news, reviews, features, and all other forms of content regardless of platform – are made at the discretion of the editorial team. Our coverage remains uninfluenced by external sources. Content that is sponsored or presented by external parties will be clearly displayed as such.

NDAs and Embargoes

GameTalon aims to provide its audience with comprehensive, reliable content. In order to do so, we abide by embargoes and any non-disclosure agreements we sign with creators and products we cover but we will never allow such agreements to be used as leverage to alter our opinions or tone, much less our editorial decisions.

Copies and Costs

The products we review will be acquired through a variety of means, including purchasing them at a cost to ourselves, or acquiring them from publishers and creators. Such forms of compensation, which is common practice, has no impact on our opinions of the products or subjects we cover.

Affiliate and Paid Disclosure

To meet the appropriate conduct standards of our advertisers, GameTalon will fully disclose in writing when we earn a compensation from qualifying purchases from links or product recommendations.

Conflicts of Interest

We will strive to disclose all conflicts of interest to our audience in our product reviews, if and when they exist.


We attribute all original sources of information. This means all facts, quotations, and any other content produced by any party, other than our own team of journalists and editors must be properly sourced or hyperlinked.

Corrections and Take-Downs

As a rule, and to maintain the trust of our audience, we do not take down or unpublish content and rely instead on updates with editor’s notes to convey corrections and other changes to our pieces. We will regularly make adjustments, additions, and other edits to published content – especially in news stories that develop over time.  If the changes are drastic enough (i.e. something bigger than typos) to warrant an editorial notice, we will mention it in the article.

As an editorial policy, we do not agree to takedown requests except in extreme cases that relate to legal considerations. In those rare circumstances, you will see an editor’s note in place of the original content indicating it has been removed, alongside any legally permitted context.