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    Best Witcher 3 Mods for Replaying the Game in 2021

    The Witcher 3 was released to widespread acclaim, so it comes as no surprise that the games community remains healthy more than half a decade later. The games community has remained committed to improving The Witcher 3 experience well ahead of CD Projekt Red’s own next-gen release of the classic RPG. 


    With that in mind, we have compiled a dozen must-have mods that promise to improve the overall experience of the game, ranging from various quality of life tweaks to a high-definition rework of the game’s visuals. 

    Before installing any of these mods, be sure to pick up and install the Script Merger utility mod to prevent, or at least resolve any conflicts these user-made modifications may have with one another. 

    Keep in mind though, we aren’t including any of those mods. You know the ones.

    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 


    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked project is a highly ambitious project from a team of modders on the Nexus Mods community, that aims to improve the graphics of the game by reworking not just the textures, but in-game models to better reflect the graphical fidelity of current-generation graphics cards. 

    As an older title released in 2015, The Witcher 3 far exceeded the requirements of most computer hardware at the time, but has since aged in terms of visual representation — and this mod aims to bring it up to speed with the current generation of video games. 

    In addition to NPC’s and animals, the mod improves everything from terrain, buildings, rocks, water, to vegetation, to bring a new level of quality to the classic RPG. 

    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project
    The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project

    All Quest Objectives On Map


    Players used to adventuring in the Four Northern Kingdoms represented in The Witcher 3, are by now used to exploring much of the games locales. This reality makes playing through the game from scratch a bit of a slog, as players are forced to re-explore every single location to achieve that 100% completion accomplishment. 

    To that end, the All Quest Objectives On Map mod provides every single map objective clearly displayed on the game’s world map and allows players to track multiple quests at the same time. It also provides the location of any discovered merchant to provide easy reference for players to refer to. 

    Over 9000


    One of the biggest problems with adventuring in The Witcher 3 is the limited amount of stuff you can carry at any given time. The over 9,000 weight limit mod removes this terrible limitation and allows you to carry as much as you want without ever having to worry about being encumbered by the gear you pick up or lack of bag space. 

    Fast Travel from Anywhere 


    Fast-traveling in The Witcher 3 can be a bit of a pain. You have to visit a sign post in order to travel to another sign post — all of which are located few and far between. This mod created by JupiterTheGod allows you to travel to any signpost no matter where you are in the world. It’s simple, but effective and cuts down on travel time. 

    Slots Slots SLOTS

    The Slots Slots SLOTS mod adds additional fully-functional skill slots and mutagen slots to allow the Witcher to equip many more different potions and skills for use without having to pick and choose from a very small pool of utilities limited by the game’s inconvenient GUI. 


    The mod, which is fully configurable is gamepad friendly and allows you to active any number of mutations simultaneously — provided you don’t poison yourself to death. 

    Auto Apply Oils


    Oils are a necessary tool to defeating the game’s myriad of monsters, who have a host of weaknesses that call upon you to exploit them, especially in harder difficulties. However, applying these oils is tedious, it requires you to go into the inventory, select an oil, and then apply it onto your blade. 

    Instead, this mod allows you to automatically apply your oils at the start of combat, when enemies of a certain sort surround you, the mod automatically applies the applicable oil to your weapon to provide you with the best offense to deal with the situation. 

    Indestructible Items 


    The indestructible items mod speaks for itself. After you install it, you will no longer have to worry about weapon and gear degradation or their associated repair costs. Sure, it removes one aspect of the game’s realism, but it adds a much-needed fix for players who want a more arcade-like, fast-paced experience in The Witcher 3. 



    Looting items in The Witcher 3, as with many other features, comes with their own host of animations and requires you to click on a loot popup. Now imagine doing this a million times after a big battle. It can get old pretty fast. 

    Through the AutoLoot mod, you can now apply customizable filters to automatically loot whatever you want from containers, or manually loot things you might not want. It gets rid of the tedium associated with much of the game, especially when coupled with the Over 9,000 Weight Limit mod. 

    AMM – The Appearances Menu Mod


    If you’re playing The Witcher 3 just to take screenshots — yes, it’s a thing — then this mod’s for you. The AMM – Appearances Menu Mod allows you to change the way Geralt looks with the push of a button by allowing you to alter your hair, beard, face, head, capes, shoulders, accessories, and any piece of armor and weapon in the game. 

    What’s interesting about the mod is that it doesn’t alter the stats of your items and allows you to look the way you want. Just think of it as the ability to transmog your equipment while retaining the balance the game has to offer. 

    The Witcher 3 Appearances Menu Mod
    The Witcher 3 Appearances Menu Mod

    Always Full Exp


    There’s nothing more disappointing than completing a quest and getting a meager amount of experience points. The Always Full Exp mod gets rid of that limitation by providing you with full rewards. A number of variants are available for this particular modification to provide you with different sets of experience bonuses, should you choose. 

    Ultra Gore 2


    Would you like to turn The Witcher 3 into DOOM? Well, now you can. With the Ultra Gore 2 mod, every monster and NPC you kill is dismembreable. Designed as a visual-only mod, Ultra Gore 2 will not affect how much damage you do and has no effect on gameplay. Rip and tear. 



    If you’re not in the market for mods that effectively turn your bag into a bottomless pit, you can instead install TradeMan, which allows you to alter the amount of crowns merchants will carry, including their maximum funds and how often they refresh their inventory. The mod also tweaks the amount of crowns you’ll be paid for any given type of item, and so forth. It’s a must-have for players who are tired of selling expensive gear for next to nothing. 

    TW3 Gameplay Tweaks


    Last, but not least, is the TW3 Gameplay Tweaks mod. A collection of frequently used gameplay tweaks selected by The Witcher 3’s modding community. Some of the modifications included in this set include a few of those already listed above, but most are quality of life changes such as removal of the games intros, the forced tutorial, and the added ability to gallop in settlements — among many others. Should you choose to install this mod, make sure there are no incompatibilities. 

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