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    Battlefield 2042 Early Access Leak Reveals Tiny Weapon Roster, Angering Players

    Battlefield 2042 is only weeks away from release, with early access available as early as Friday for those who preordered the game. However, an exploit has enabled one player to gain full access using Xbox’s preload feature. 

    Reddit user Aaronfrogger says he was able to access the full version of Battlefield 2042 after preloading the game on his Xbox, he did not specify how he managed to do so, and many other players have failed to replicate the exploit, which he did not detail. 

    Despite that, the user produced multiple posts on the Battlefield 2042 community to share glimpses at the weapon customization, screenshots of player vs AI matches, and other contents previously unseen. The game’s beta did not contain some of the features he showcased. 

    In a post titled “I GOT BF 2042 EARLY,” Aaronfrogger shows the weapon customization screen with a SFAR-M GL weapon, with some of its customization options. 

    The user also posted screenshots of his matches against bots in never-before-seen maps and menu options.

    Following the leaks, members of the community expressed their disappointment with the total number of weapons launching with the game which was revealed in the screenshots the user posted. As shown in the leaked image, players will only have access to three secondary weapons, four SMGs, four assault rifles, two LMGs, three marksman rifles, three sniper rifles, and three utility shotguns. 

    In short, the game will only launch with 22 weapons, a far cry from the weapon selection available in the Call of Duty games. 

    Despite the limited number of weapons, it’s plain to see that weapons require a lot of balancing and the selection, while somewhat limited, will offer players more opportunity to specialize provided that each weapon is different enough from the other. It’s better to have 22 distinct weapons that double the number of relatively identical firearms to play with. 

    The weapons available in the game’s default mode do not include additional weapons usable in the game’s unique Portal mode, which includes dozens of weapons from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield Bad Company 2. The mode is set to offer a fully customizable experience combining elements from past titles. 

    In addition to Portal mode, players will also be able to partake in a battle royale mode game mode called Hazard Zone, where multiple squads must compete to secure data drives before a deadly storm overtakes the environment. 

    Ian Miles Cheong
    Editor-in-Chief at GameTalon.

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