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    Back 4 Blood Cards Guide: The 15 Best Cards to Play With in Campaign Mode

    Back 4 Blood cards are the only way to gain the upper hand in apocalyptic zombie co-op shooter. As the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood offers much more of that good old four-player goodness with more than a few new tricks up its sleeve, setting it well apart from its predecessor.

    In this guide for Back 4 Blood cards, you’ll learn how cards work, how to acquire even more cards, and which ones you’ll want to have on you when you’re trying to make it to the next safehouse.


    Cards are not a complicated affair. They’re basically perks.

    Unlike some early, pre-release rumors would suggest, cards are not a “pay-to-win” system and the only way to acquire them is to play the game. They’re actually pretty simple to understand: before you go out on a mission, hit up your deck manager and pick the cards you want to equip for Solo, Campaign (this is the main co-op mode), or the Swarm PVP mode, which has a whole different set of cards than what you’ll be using when you’re playing the main game.

    At the start, you’ll have relatively few cards to choose from, with a pre-assigned “Starter” deck to get you going. You’ll acquire more cards by spending your Supply Points in the Supply Lines menu, which you get for successfully completing levels. Most of these Supply Lines have something of a theme, so if you’re rolling with shotguns and offensive equipment like grenades, pick the Supply Line that fits your playstyle.

    Back 4 Blood Card Deck Manager

    Since there’s no limit to the amount of Supply Points you can get, feel free to experiment with the cards you acquire and simply go on more missions if you want to unlock more cards. It’s that easy.

    Once you get in a game, you’ll have all the cards you picked in the sequence you set them up in your deck. Unlike the modifiers the Director plays in each new round, these cards are not randomized – so make sure you set up your deck accordingly. Keep the cards less useful to your build at the bottom of the deck.

    Cards can offer everything from basic damage bonuses, faster healing, and more ammunition (sometimes at a penalty to your stamina, copper, or health) to even unlocking special abilities like being able to do a heavy melee swing or replacing your melee attack with a knife. Some cards offer bonuses to the entire team – must-haves for pre-made groups.

    Keep in mind that the game’s AI system, also known as the Director, will apply random cards to your run that increase the difficulty or give you additional missions to complete for bonus Supply Points.


    For more advanced tactics, you can collaborate with your party members to have one or two players equipping copper cards to unlock upgrades for the entire team. These team upgrades are almost necessary to complete Nightmare difficulty runs, offering more effective painkillers and bandages and more powerful grenades.

    Having one or two members with speed cards will enable them to kite most mutations and bosses while the rest of the team hangs back.

    It also makes sense for every team member to equip a different kind of gun, so no one ever runs out of bullets – and you can drop the ammo you’re not using for your teammates. Organization is key in Veteran and Nightmare difficulties.

    THE 15 BEST BACK 4 BLOOD CARDS (in no particular order)

    Warning: Your mileage may vary.

    Mandatory PT – Team Effects: 15% Team Stamina

    This is probably the best boost to Stamina you can give your team. Given that it’s percentage-based, that means it stacks on top of other Stamina bonuses you or your teammates might have.

    Ammo for AllTeam Effects: 10% Team Ammo Capacity

    Much like Mandatory PT, this offers your entire party a percentage-based boost to how much ammunition they can carry. Yes, it stacks on top of their own ammo cards.

    Cross Trainers – 40% Stamina, +10 Health

    Run for as long and swing for as much as you like. With this card alone, you won’t need any other Stamina cards. The bonus to health is an added benefit.

    Superior Cardio – +50% Sprint Efficiency, +5 Health

    Coupled with Cross Trainers, you’ll never run out of stamina. Just run around the whole map. Equip Run and Gun for good measure.

    Charitable Soul – Healing a teammate also heals you for 100% of the amount healed.

    The designated medic on your team will want to pick this up. It stacks with other healing benefits and effectively doubles your healing output. It’s two medkits for the price of one.

    Run and Gun – You can shoot while sprinting

    You can shoot while sprinting. You’ll be doing a lot of sprinting. Now you can shoot without having to stop. With some Stamina cards in your deck, you’ll turn into a moving turret. What’s not to like?

    Ridden Slayer – +35% Weakspot Damage

    If you’re good with your aim, pick this one up. It’ll turn every headshot into a lethal shot. Coupled with a high-damage weapon, you’ll murderize every Tallboy in your midst.

    Broadside Precision Kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode, dealing 15 damage to other Ridden within 4 meters.

    The Broadside card will make short work of any hordes. 20% might not seem like a lot, but it will trigger one out of every five zombies you pop in the head. The better your aim, the more effective this card is.

    Patient HunterEach second you Aim Down Sights increases your Damage by 10% (up to 3 stacks)

    Couple this with Ridden Slayer and you’ll be good to go. Just make sure you’re always aiming down your sights or you’ll miss out on the benefits.

    Scar TissueTake 1 less damage from all Ridden

    Another card that doesn’t seem like a big deal early on, but it effectively halves the amount of damage you receive from common zombies.

    VanguardMelee kills grant 1 Temporary Health to you and nearby teammates

    Pick this up if you’re going with a melee build. Otherwise, don’t bother.

    Hi Vis Sights40% Aim Speed

    One of the most basic cards you can acquire, yet a must-have for any rifle-based builds. Never miss a shot.

    Silver Bullets10% Bullet Damage, 150% Bullet Penetration. When you kill a Mutation, you lose 5 Copper

    Gain a massive damage bonus for a small amount of copper. Bullet penetration is your friend.

    Breakout Breakout: Hold a button to free yourself from Grabs, 50% Breakout Cooldown Reduction (Base 60 seconds)

    Use this as many times as you like. It effectively makes you immune to stuns.

    Face Your Fears Gain 3 Temporary Health whenever you kill a Ridden within 2 meters

    A must-have for melee builds, and a benefit against any horde even for ranged builds.

    Ian Miles Cheong
    Editor-in-Chief at GameTalon.

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