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    AMD Market Share Surges to 24.6%, Highest Since 2006

    AMD is enjoying its highest market share in many years, almost two decades after it peaked with the Athlon 64 processor in 2006. 

    Long considered the underdog of the CPU race, AMD has managed to scrape massive gains against Intel with the release of its Zen architecture, and finally managed to surpass Intel’s processors in terms of raw processing power and energy efficiency with the release of the Ryzen 5000 series processors last year. 

    As the race heats up once again with Intel’s release of the Alder Lake CPU this month, AMD is managing to hold its ground despite supply chain issues and unprecedented demand for silicon. 

    According to its newly released third-quarter financial results, AMD reports that it increased its market share of the CPU market by 2.1 percent over the previous quarter, achieving a total market share of 24.6 percent. 

    It previously peaked at 25.3 percent in 2006. 

    Despite availability issues earlier this year (2021), AMD has managed to stabilize supplies for their processors, which are not widely available across all major electronics retailers and online platforms like Amazon for its high-end chips like the 5950X, 5900X, and 5800X. Customers no longer have to pay scalper prices for the currently fastest chips on the market. 

    According to the AMD investor report, the company captured an additional 1.8 percent of the laptop market over the last year, reaching a total share of 22 percent — an all-time high. 

    The gains helped AMD to reach an all-time high revenue of 16.2 percent in the latest quarter. It is a 3.9 percent increase compared to the same point in 2020. 

    AMD is reporting a total revenue of $4.3 billion, a massive 54 percent increase over the last year, thanks to the sales of its Radeon GPUs and its enterprise technology, which includes the Epyc and Threadripper chips, which are set to see new architectural upgrades. 

    As Intel launches its 12th generation CPU this November, AMD will be neck and neck with its long-time competitor once again, and it is expected to pull every stop with its upcoming Zen 4D core.

    The Zen 4D, or Zen 4 Dense chiplet design for next-gen CPUs has been detailed in a new video published by YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead. The industry insider details the core technology that AMD plans to use to take on Intel and its hybrid approach with Alder Lake. 

    For the uninitiated, both Intel and AMD are developing chips that use two different core technologies on the same chip, one that focuses on high-performance loads and the other on low performance — essentially allowing the chip to delegate its most stringent tasks to the high-performance chips while everything else runs on the background, consuming relatively little power. 

    The development of this new architectural philosophy allows CPUs to be extremely power efficient and provide battery longevity for laptops, and other small form factor designs without sacrificing performance. 

    Ian Miles Cheong
    Editor-in-Chief at GameTalon.

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