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    All Bloodhound Event Skins in Apex Legends

    If you’re looking for a guide on how to obtain skins for Bloodhound in Apex Legends, then look no further. This guide lists all unlockable skins from Apex Legends events. Many of these skins are currently unavailable and there is no telling if any of them will be available in the future due to the exclusivity of these outfits.


    Bloodhound is Apex Legends’ fast-paced technological tracker, who hunts down enemies using his tracking abilities to hunt down enemies and secure the kill.

    I am the hunter the Gods have sent.”

    Tactical: A scan that reveals enemies, traps, and clues through structures in front of you.
    Ultimate: Enhances Bloodhound’s senses, allowing him to move faster, highlighting enemies, and allowing Bloodhound to see through smokes.
    Passive: Reveals tracks and clues left behind of other players.

    Great Winter
    Legend Tokens
    Requires Imperial Warrior skin

    Raven’s Shadow
    Legend Tokens
    Requires The Plague Doctor skin

    The Centurion
    Obtained from Season 2 (2019) Iron Crown Collection event

    Protector of the Patch
    Obtained from Season 3 (2019) Fight or Fright Themed event

    The Intimidator
    Obtained by buying Bloodhound Edition

    Wandering Warrior
    Legend Tokens
    Requires Royal Guard skin

    Young Bloodhound
    Obtained from Season 4 (2020) Themed event

    Wise Warrior
    Obtained from Season 4 (2020) Themed event

    Radiant Stalker
    Legend Tokens
    Requires Royal Guard skin

    Road Warrior
    Obtained from Season 6 (2020) Battle Pass

    Wicked Harvest
    Obtained from Season 6 (2020) Fight or Fright Themed event – included in a bundle

    Dangerous Game
    Obtained from Season 7 (2021) Fight Night Collection event

    Hunter’s Moon
    Obtained from Season 8 (2021) Anniversary Collection event

    Royal Huntmaster
    Obtained from Season 8 (2021) War Games Themed event

    Royal Livery
    Obtainable during Season 8 (2021) Golden Week minor event

    Cyber Hunt
    Obtained from Season 4 (2020) System Override Collection Event

    Master of the Hunt
    Obtained from Season 1 (2019) Legendary Hunt Themed Event

    Deep Blue
    Obtained from Playstation Pack

    Arctic Hunter
    Obtained from Season 3 (2019) Battle Pass at Level 1

    Falling Sky
    Obtained from Season 3 (2019) Grand Soirée Themed Event

    Gilded Claw
    Obtained from Season 5 (2020) Battle Pass at Level 1

    Obtained from Season 7 (2020) Holo-Day Bash Themed Event

    Obtained from Season 7 (2020) Battle Pass at Level 1

    Code Red
    Obtained from Season 6 (2020) Aftermarket Collection Event

    Will of the Allfather
    Twitch Prime Gaming Loot

    Bright Plumage
    Obtained from Season 9 (2021) Arenas Flash Events

    Hidden Hive
    Obtained from Season 10 (2021) Battle Pass at Level 45

    It is a gift to be an Apex Legend, but the true test is in the eyes of the Allfather. Each day brings me closer to honoring my felagi fighters who have put their lives ahead of my own. For them, I am prepared to face every challenge no matter what form the beast of the night chooses to take. As the prey stalks, the hunter hunts. Trust in nature, trust in yourself – that is the path to victory.

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